Frequently Asked Questions / Answers

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the operation of the Guide for Naturally Increasing the Penis and answers about Payment, Shipping, and Product Delivery, if you have any other questions or queries, please contact us and I we will attend you personally:

Upon payment ...

* How can I make the payment?
You can pay by:
- Paypal
- Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit Card, American Express and others.
- Cash On Delivery. You pay when you receive the Cd at home. Available in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,Turkey, Greece,Hungary, USA, UK, and many other countries. Start to buy and check  if available in your country. Go to "buy now" to check
- Western Union. Western Union has offices in almost all countries and cities worldwide. The money comes in less than 6 hours. Western Union rates must be paid by you. Once the payment is done, please email the reference number or code assigned to your payment Western Union and once verified, it will be send to you the online download of your product .

*What will show my Credit Card Statment?

-If your order was processed by Paypal your Paypal statement will show a payment for DOWNLOAD-NS(VISA,Mastercard,American Express,etc)
-If your order was processed by CCBill your credit card statement will read DOWNLOAD-NS (Visa,Mastercard)
-If your order was processed by Santander your credit card statement will read DOWNLOAD-NS (Visa,Mastercard,Maestro,Carte Bleu, 4B and others)

About delivery ...


*What are we going to send to you?
You will receive in your email immediately:
1 - The Guide for Naturally Increasing the Penis with 3D images with explanations of techniques to enlarge your penis step by step.
2 - The video demonstrations of exercises .
3.- All in a White label CD and discreet envelope to protect your privacy.


CD has 2 Guides and 7 videos, approved by European doctors
1.- "Penis Enlargement Guide" With manual , 3D images plus exercises Videos. 
 -Exercises to enlarge
 -Exercises to make thicker
 -Exercises to control erection and ejaculation
2.- "Secret Penis Enlargement Pills Formulas" you have all what you need to improve your enlargement.
This Guide explains how to change your diet (that's why finally you dont need pills)
 -Diet to enlarge
 -Diet to make thicker
 -Diet to control ejaculation, erection and increase fertility.
This Guide is useful because  explains what to change in your diet to have same effect, making your body to produce all you need in a natural way.You will receive in your address (if this option is marked)

1- The CD with the Guide for Naturally Increasing the Penis plus video demonstrations of exercises

All this for only $79,69 inc VAT. plus 10 to 19 US$ of shipping cost if you choose to receive the CD at your address.
Time for the CD arrival is between 2 and 5 days in Europe and Asia, 4-12 days America and South America and to anywhere else it 
could take up to 25 days for reasons beyond our company. If you pay Cash on Delivery you pay in your local currency. Online are availables at least the 20 more common currencies of the world. Cash on Delivery orders are received usually 4 to 10 days after place your order.



About Shipping ...


*When and how is the shipping done?

Delivery will be made by e-mail automatically the moment in which our system detects that the collection has been implemented successfully by Paypal or Credit Card or Debit Card. If sending is through Western Union may take up to 24 hours to check and to be able to have it in your email. (On the weekends it may take more).If you choose the option for also receive the CD at your address, shipping time is between 2 and 5 days.

About the product ...

* Does the method itself work?
Works. If you follow the exercises correctly you will get results FOR SURE. And as proof of good repute, WE GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK if within 6 months you did not get any results.

* What kind of results can I expect after doing the exercises?
Growth length of about 3 to 10 cm and thickness of 2 to 5 cm. (up to 4 inches of lenght and 1 to 2 inches of thickness)
Strong and lasting erections. Hard rock erections.
Fights impotence.
Control of ejaculation and thus longer and satisfying relationships.
Get plus sperma and fertility

* How long should I wait to see results?
The final results can be seen after 2-4 months of practice 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week, however in the first half of month you will be able to start to appreciate the first results.

* Are the results permanent?
RESULTS OBTAINED BY THE METHOD ARE PERMANENT, since the cells in the penis do not shrink after being extended.

* Is there a minimum / maximum age to use this method?
Any adult male of any age can practice the exercises.

* Am I in danger when practicing the exercises?
No, it's an all natural method that does not use any type of device. By making them with your own hands, you can control yourself the intensity of the exercises.

* Can I correct the curvature of my penis doing the exercises?
If you have a slight curvature, our method can help correct it.

* Whoever is suffering from premature ejaculation, can get any results when doing the exercises?
Yes, there is a significant improvement, the control of ejaculation is much greater, ejaculation can be retarded more than an hour.

If you still have questions, contact us by clicking here: CONTACT

*What will show my Credit Card Statement?
-By CCBill your credit card statement will read DOWNLOAD NS
-By Paypal your Paypal statement will show a payment for DOWNLOAD-NS
-By Santander your credit card statement will read DOWNLOAD NS

*Billing Questions
Phone: +34 638666714 or e-mail: