Learn how the best and safest method to enlarge the penis and control premature ejaculation works

The Professional Guide for Penis Enlargement is a natural method developed in the context of numerous studies and surveys conducted worldwide and has already got hundreds of thousands of men to obtain permanent results.As with all parts of our body, the penis needs to be stimulated to develop, the exercises are based almost entirely on the physical principle of traction. If they are done with moderate and steady intensity, stretching the penis regularly provides an increase in both width and length beyond the control of ejaculation.

Results vary from person to person; some men are able to maintain sexual activity without ejaculation for over an hour. Besides these obvious advantages, the conditioning of the penis and the improvement on blood circulation in the limb help to combat and prevent sexual impotence.

When a man is aroused, nerve impulses originating in the brain are sent to the penis by dilating the arteries and closing the veins. When the arteries dilate, a bigger quantity of blood and with more pressure runs over filling the corpora cavernosa, increasing the volume and causing the penis to become erect.

Now you can do away with complex traumas caused by dissatisfaction with a small penis, thin or irregular WITHOUT USING METHODS POTENTIALLY HARMFUL as Internet drugs, surgery, suction pumps or elastic rings.

Our NATURAL method is based on exercises only made with the hands that will provide a healthy penis enlargement, ejaculatory control and enhancement of pleasure.
The following illustration shows the anatomy of the penis, consisting of the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum.

The urethra is surrounded by the corpus spongiosum which also incorporates the glans. For an erection to occur, the interior of these three cylinders should be filled with blood, which means that the penis size is limited so that these structures can stretch when filled with blood.

Techniques for increasing the penis cause the increasing of the erectile tissue cells (which is composed of these cylinders 3) in size upon renewal, which promotes the increasing in the erectile tissue allowing increased blood retention, which causes the increasing in volume of the penis.

Another interesting result is that by doing the exercises you are toning penile nerve endings, which significantly increases the sensitivity and the erection of the penis is much more sensitive, giving much more pleasure and more rigid erections.

Furthermore the exercises stimulate blood circulation, which eventually results in a healthy penis, of perfect shape and way bigger.

RESULTS OBTAINED WITH THE METHOD are permanent, as the cells in the penis do not shrink after being expanded.

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