Product Refund Policy manuals have their composition perfectly explained on the website.
-The Manual for Natural Penis Growth has between 24 and 28 pages (depending on the language) with illustrations and 7 explaining videos, all reviewed and approved by doctors and physiotherapists.
2.-It is your responsibility to read carefully the contents of before buying to make sure of what is what you are buying.
3. Conditions for refund
Purchases made can only be refunded in amount when the user has made use of the manuals for 6 months and has not obtained the expected results. It is something that has never happened with manuals that have been purchased by thousands of users from different countries.
a.- Must be very clear for us that customer really did as explained in videos and instructions books.. Any doubts can be resolved by our support team if something is not clear for you.
b.- If is not clear what customer did, and why failed system, refund will not be made. That is to prevent customers, that they not use the system or use without read instructions (they just follow videos) and wants the refund just because don't want to read instructions.

The products are sufficiently explained in their composition and use on the website, so no refunds simply because of thinking that is something different from what the user expected. Carefully read the contents of the WEB before buying any product.